Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Space, The Final Frontier

Hardly a day goes by that Sam fails to impress me in one way or another.  He has always been very curious and is like a sponge when learning new things.

The other day he says, "Daddy, I'm bored."

My typical response, "Okay. Go find something to do."

Sam: "Like what?"

Me: "Play with Legos"

Sam: "I already did that."

Me: "Go play with your cars."

Sam: "Did that too. Can I play Wii?"

Me: "No. You've been on the computer or watching TV all morning. Go clean your room or read a book"

Sam: "I've already finished my reading. And I don't want to clean my room, that's no fun."

Me: "Go draw, but you will still need to clean your room."

Sam: "I'm going to make a book!"

Me: "Okay.  Have fun."

The next thing I know Sam is pulling out markers, paper, pencils, tape, glue, and every other craft supply he can get his hands on.

"Daddy, what can I write about?"

Me: "The current state of your room and how having a clean room can facilitate hours of fun since you can find all of your toys or Minimalism, how having less means having more?"

Sam: "DADDY! I'm serious."

Me: "I am too. Sort of."

Sam: "I am going to write about our Solar System."

Me: "Sounds good to me.  Don't forget to clean up your room and the mess you're making now."

So, Sam sat at the kitchen table. Surrounded by tons of art supplies, he started his book about the Solar System.  He worked on the book off and on all week. Friday morning he finished it right before time to catch the bus for school.

I think he did a very good job.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Bad Guys

Set up an impromptu hi-key toy photo shoot the other day.

  • One sheet of poster board. 
  • Available light from the window behind me. 
  • Gorillapod.
  • Canon G10
  • A few of Sam's Toy Story 3 figures. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Desk Doodle

I like to doodle.

My work notebooks probably contain more doodles, sketches and drawings than notes. (note to self: scan and post pages from notebooks one of these days)  The thing that I ink up more than anything is probably the large desk pad that resides, well, on my desk.

Here are a few shots of what it currently looks like.

I am currently addicted to these Sharpie pens and I have always liked their markers.

Most of the pictures are mine, but in this case there are two characters that are re-drawn or derived from other people's work. Occasionally I like to attempt to re-draw things from artists whose work I admire.  I do this to see how they drew it and to see what I can learn from re-drawing it.  The Clown blowing the bubbles is a creation of Kenny Durkin of Durkinworks. The Blue Monster has to be derived from the works of Hugh Macleod of Gapinvoid.  I admire both of these artists.  Kenny is a Caricaturist/Cartoonist from Florida.  Hugh, well he draws cartoons on the back of business cards (How cool is that?!)

Besides the doodles and ink ramblings I jot down quotes, sayings, lyrics, reminders, things to check out, etc...

I will probably be starting with a new, clean page very soon as this page is almost completely doodled.

Until next time...

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Father 100 - LAUGHTER

Week 3 of The Father 100

He’s always lurking in the shadows…

 . . . or down the hall…

A smirk . . . or a smile

…might, just might, keep him at bay.

A frown . . . or a pout, is sure to make him pounce!

The Tickle Monster is hungry!

A giggle won’t do.

A chuckle? 
                   Not quite.

A chortle? 
                   Better, but not there yet.

What he really wants. . .

he truly needs. . .

. . . is . . .


And Screams!

And a room full of LAUGHTER!

The Tickle Monster will not be deprived. 

He will not be satisfied until all are laughing and tears are rolling.

. . . until the next frown appears!