Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Space, The Final Frontier

Hardly a day goes by that Sam fails to impress me in one way or another.  He has always been very curious and is like a sponge when learning new things.

The other day he says, "Daddy, I'm bored."

My typical response, "Okay. Go find something to do."

Sam: "Like what?"

Me: "Play with Legos"

Sam: "I already did that."

Me: "Go play with your cars."

Sam: "Did that too. Can I play Wii?"

Me: "No. You've been on the computer or watching TV all morning. Go clean your room or read a book"

Sam: "I've already finished my reading. And I don't want to clean my room, that's no fun."

Me: "Go draw, but you will still need to clean your room."

Sam: "I'm going to make a book!"

Me: "Okay.  Have fun."

The next thing I know Sam is pulling out markers, paper, pencils, tape, glue, and every other craft supply he can get his hands on.

"Daddy, what can I write about?"

Me: "The current state of your room and how having a clean room can facilitate hours of fun since you can find all of your toys or Minimalism, how having less means having more?"

Sam: "DADDY! I'm serious."

Me: "I am too. Sort of."

Sam: "I am going to write about our Solar System."

Me: "Sounds good to me.  Don't forget to clean up your room and the mess you're making now."

So, Sam sat at the kitchen table. Surrounded by tons of art supplies, he started his book about the Solar System.  He worked on the book off and on all week. Friday morning he finished it right before time to catch the bus for school.

I think he did a very good job.



  1. Awesome book! Well done.

    Love that the sun is greater than 211 degrees. And Jupiter needs to stop eating so much cheese.

    Great post.

  2. @SeattleDad Thanks! I love his drawing of Jupiter.

  3. That's awesome! You have a smart, creative kid there, but I don't need to tell you that. Well done!

  4. Sam's book is fantastic!

    I'd still like to see his book on your suggested topics too - maybe when he's older ;-)

    Great post!